The roots of the company lie MIGLIANO from a long family tradition in Calabria, the sovereign land for the cultivation of olive trees, where the agricultural tradition is in the air, where the sun and the earth have allowed to find their own olive tree natural habitat, and that combines tradition and innovation we seek to bring out more and more our oil.

The Company MIGLIANO stands out because in our company technological research helps to determine the quantum leaps in olive.

Line premium and premium flavored oils are our.

A just jump between different varieties to walk along a route between flavors, aromas and flavors of our land.

The production of our precious oils is controlled by technicians with over thirty years experience in the oil sector.

The squeezing is cold mills with continuous cycle plants, giving extra virgin olive oil enhanced nutritional superiority, sensory and better conservation.

The extra virgin olive MIGLIANO is a Made in Italy made in compliance with the regulations.

Choose extra virgin olive oil  is to rediscover the genuine taste of life.