Mission and Core Values


Delight all of our consumers realizing oils of excellence that cleverly combine family tradition and know-how with the latest technology and the best customer service.


Strengthening the culture of extra virgin in every country of the world, because it contributes to the improvement of living conditions, thanks to its natural production system and its health benefits.


Choose extra virgin olive oil is to rediscover the genuine taste of life.


Listening, Trust and  Customer  Support.
  • Customer satisfaction is equivalent to satisfy ourselves, our proposals are aimed always to their expectations and needs.
  • To know and be able to listen to conquer every day his confidence.
  • Building a lasting relationship with him and balanced through product quality and service excellence.
  • Always communicate clearly, accurately and with enthusiasm to our business initiatives.
  • Align the positioning of our products in the market with the best quality / price ratio.
Innovation in the traditional.
  • Always look for new competitive advantages through technological innovation, while respecting the values of tradition Olearia Calabrese.
  • To stimulate the creativity of all because even a suggestion that involves a small improvement can make a difference.
  • Commit to a maximum of Environment in the implementation of an innovative project.
Moral integrity.
  • To be fair, always keeping his word.
  • Do what is right, in accordance with the Company rules.
  • Always be an example for all those around us.
Healthy spirit of collaboration and team.
  • Feel the pleasure of being part of a winning team.
  • Do not limit yourself to highlight the issues but focus on their solution.
  • Always respect the work of others.
  • Pursue excellence in all our behavior.
  • Building a Business climate where respect and trust, praise and critical thinking skills are values shared by all.
  • Knowing how to react to market demands and crisis situations in a timely manner, determination and sense of responsibility, strong of our values.
  • Using its expertise to act concretely and effectively in the interests of the Company.
Hygiene and respect for the consumer.
  • To ensure maximum hygiene at every stage of production, thanks to the HACCP system.
  • Working for nutrition as prevention, creating healthy and fresh, comply with the more stringent requirements in respect of consumers all over the world.
Respect for the Environment
  • Protecting nature throughout the production cycle: raw material for disposal and recycling of packaging.
  • Harmonizing production technologies with new energy saving systems.